Design statement

My relation to my work is not based in what I can gain from it, but pure enjoyment of its existence. I enjoy whatever I can get from it. I have stud- ied photography and lm in Mexico. Now that I nished my Masters in Graphic Design I nally understand that all these years I spent learning how to read and write in the world of visual communication. I will always study and discover the language of design in its fullest capacity.

I get inspiration from colors. music, feelings, and thoughts. Through inspiration, we are allowed to better understand ourselves and further- more, learn to become communicative. I believe that inspiration is some- thing we receive from the universe. To create is to honor that inspiring connection and allows us to discover ourselves, which to me is design. We can only be aware and alert of its existence. That is the skill of an artist designer. The capacity to give one’s self room to be aware of the opportunity and potential of the inspiration that makes noise inside of us.

It is ironic that we need systems to live because it is by breaking those systems we can nd and create new ones. Surprise, conciliation, and enjoyment are the answer for me and my work.